Cloisters of Saint Andrea

S Andrea Cloisters Genoa ItalyLocated off the piazza dante in Genoa are the cloisters of Saint Andrea, the only remains of the Saint Andrea dell Porta Monastery.

The monastry and the remaining cloisters date from the 12th Century. Unfortunately the monastery was demolished in 1905, in part to make room to build via Dante. The cloisters were not.

They were disassembled in 1905 and later moved to their present location in1922.

The Monastry was originally built on Sant Andrew Hill, beside the Porta Soprana, one of the main medieval ports through the walls of Genoa.

The cloisters are of early Gothic Style. What we see today was abandoned in the church of San Agostino, and then returned to this location in 1922.




Saint Andrea Cloisters

Saint Andrea Cloisters

Saint Andrea Cloisters