Abbaye Fontenay

Abbaye FontenayThe Abbaye Fontenay was founded about 1188 by Saint Bernard. Today, it is the only Burgundian monastery to maintain intact.

During a period the Abbaye enjoyed the protection of the King of France. Later, in the Hundre Year's War and the Wars of Religion is was plundered.

In 1745 the refectory was demolished.

It was closed after the French Revolution. For a period of time in the early 19th century it was actually used as a paper mill. It was bought in 1905 and restored.

What results is a very intact monastic centre with a caretaker's lodge, guesthouse, chapel, dormitory, hospital, prison, bakery, kennels, abbot's house and a church with cloisters.

The abbey is located at the end of a valley with a pleasant stream. It is surrounded with trees and very scenic.  

Abbaye FontenayIn 1991 the Abbaye was designated a world heritage site by UNESCO